Iceland Global Diplomacy 2011


May 7th – Arrival in Reykjavík

Visit to the Blue Lagoon

May 8th – Visit Reykjavík 

Introduction to Reykjavik's main attractions:
  • Strokkur Geyser
  • Gullfoss Waterfalls
  • Icelandic horse back riding through the lava fields
  • Fly fishing
  • Pingvellar

May 9th 

10 am-10:30 am: Visit to Althingi, Icelandic Parliament
Skuli Helgason, Member of Parliament for the Social Democratic Alliance 

1:30 pm: Visit to Íslandsstofa (Promote Iceland) 
Branding for Iceland.  Jón Ásbergsson, Director Promote Iceland and Inga Hlin, Director of Marketing & Visit Iceland 
4:00 pm: Reykajvík University welcomes Emerson College Students and Faculty
Meeting with students 

May 10th 
9:30 am: Meeting with Pétur Þ. Óskarsson 
Former director of Iceland Naturally talks about

"The media landscape in Iceland-changes in communication strategies following the collapse of the Icelandic Economy in 2008."

11:00 am: Ministry for Foreign Affairs 
Professor Gregory Payne holds a Public Diplomacy and Crisis Communication Interactive Workshop 

7pm: Dinner with faculty from Reykjavík University

May 11th
9:30 am: Visit to RUV Channel 
Reporter Björn Malmquist and Anchor Bogi Ágústsson talk about media interaction.
Tour around the studio and newsroom.

12 pm: Visit to the Ocean

4pm: Visit to the Social Democrat Party

May 12th
10 am: Cohn & Wolfe

A WPP Company - Young & Rubicam / Grey
Meeting with Head of Public Relations, Ingvar Örn Ingvarsson.